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This is the untold story of how the US Government set up a system of greed that gutted student loans of consumer protections leading to the skyrocketing cost of tuition and indenturing millions through predatory lending.

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi discovers Alan Collinge, author of The Student Loan Scam, a dedicated stalwart who turns from scientist to activist when he is wrongfully thrown into default by Sallie Mae.  Collinge warned, in 2006 on 60 Minutes, how this same scheme continued to throw millions of students, parents and colleges over the cliff. No one paid much attention and despite today’s headlines of privilege, scandal, greed and blame, the predatory lending system designed to indenture millions, predominantly women and people of color, remains hiding in plain sight.  
GLAD YOU FOUND US!  Ever wonder why the cost of college has skyrocketed in the past two decades?   For the past four years, our production team has captured  jaw dropping
interviews revealing how the US Government engineered a system of greed through the Department of Education, Sallie Mae, Congress and Wall Street.  
We finished the heavy lifting, first understanding the heart of the issue, next traveling across the U.S. interviewing educational insiders, whistleblowers, Wall Street bankers, financial investigators and dozens of student borrowers from the US Army, US Navy, USC, MIT and Georgetown to name a few.   
Chapter One:  SALLIE MAE NOT is set to launch its US festival premiere July 26th at the WHISTLEBLOWER SUMMIT and Film Festival, yet many expenses remain outstanding and we sill have five more chapters to go.
 including editing, archival searches, rights, music, and test screenings.   Finishing funds are needed for the following:
Editing $3,000
Post Sound $3000
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Chapter One will answer the question:  Is this a "Bad Borrower" or "Bad Lending" problem?
PLEASE JOIN OUR COMMUNITY by donating to this important story.  We can bring to light this failed lending system that has led to the skyrocketing cost of college and ways we can change this corrupt system.  Your donation helps us finish so those burdened by student loans will know the truth. 
In order to fully answer the question of Why the Cost of College is just so damn high, it requires understanding all the actors involved impact regular borrowers. See our website for all 6 chapters.
SCARED TO DEBT identifies three main culprits:  Government, Colleges and Wall Street.  We document how the Higher Education Act of 1965 and the Department of Education devolved into an inept and corrupt federal agency leaving millions of students and parents in anguish.  You know the ole saying, "Boy, someone should do something about this." 
Well, strangely NO ONE HAS despite whistleblowers dedicating decades of blatant practices leaving the student loan debt crisis hiding in plain sight.   One Chicago student borrower recorded every conversation he had with Navient for over a decade ... and has given us his footage.  We can't wait to share this incredible story of hope.  We've collected over 100 hours of footage from key financial experts to student borrowers and archival material and now must complete the time consuming task of editing all into a 6-part series.  Right now we are working on Episode 1.
Scared To Debt puts PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS on the table from credible financial experts to cnservative Voices to restore America’s confidence in higher education.  When solved properly, America will witness the greatest stable economic growth in our lifetimes. 
NEMO RESIDEO  (Leave No One Behind)
Meet Linda Navarro, a 70 year old U.S. Navy Veteran burdened for over 31 years by this lending system.  At first, like many borrowers, Linda was reluctant to share her story, because she had already tried 1,000s of times before to get help.  No one would listen:  not her college, her government, nor representatives.  Today, Linda reports we were the first to make her feel heard.  Linda is only one of thousands of Veterans who are dealing with these toxic loans
We understand that Linda's problem is not something she created, rather a SYSTEMIC problem.  In short, we will reveal why, despite public opinion, this is not a "bad borrower" problem, this IS a "failed lending system" and should WE fail in our mission, then the problem will only be passed on to the next generation, like our children.  That's unacceptable. 
Before introducing expert witnesses, we wish to share The Student Loan Debt Crisis Town Hall hosted by the NYS Writers Institute, moderated by Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Magazine, November 20th.  We believe this discussion not only frames the issue properly, it leads to lasting economic solutions ... and it's not just about Loan Forgiveness.  This is about fixing the problem for all Americans.
By donating as little as $10, YOU will give student loan borrowers like Linda the gift that no one has given them ... their first opportunity to feel heard, yet there's so much more.  While editing Episode 1, we're actually already editing episodes 2-6.
We want to introduce you to members of our team who often appear in national media, yet rarely given an opportunity to share what they now know.   Help us deliver the facts along with heart-felt personal stories to correct this deceitful practice.
 Tom Borgers, former JP Morgan & Chase, Wall Street banker, finanical 
 investigator, fraud specialist and Executive Producer, Scared To Debt.

 Alan Collinge author of The Student Loan Scam: The Most Oppressive   Debt in U.S. History, and How We Can Fight Back



 Matt Taibbi, reporter,  Rolling Stone Magazine.  Author of Griftopia: A      Story of Bankers, Politicians and the Most Audacious Power Grab in   American History


Francis H. Buckley

Scalia Law School George Mason University, Professor; Author The Republican Workers Party:  How the Trump Victory Drove Everyone Crazy


  Catherine A. Fitts

  Sallie Mae Board of Directors 1991- 94, Host of Solari Report Founder    of The Hamilton Securities Group, Inc.

Jon Oberg

NY Times Whistleblower,  Former Researcher, U.S. Department Of Education

 Rachel Schreiber

 Dean New School Parsons School of Art & Design ranked #1 in the   world. Penning first Op-Ed by leader in higher education.

Bob Hildreth 

International Monetary Fund, Harvard Grad ‘72.  Founder Inversant propelling low-income children to higher ed.


Ralph Nader

 Consumer Protections Advocate, Author “Unsafe At Any Speed”.   Collinge and Nader warned of today’s student loan crisis over a decade ago.

Taking on a two trillion dollar problem requires we address head on whether this is A BAD BORROWER PROBLEM, OR BAD LENDING ISSUE.  Make no mistake, this massive problem took years to create and thanks to a pandemic ... kicking the can down the road will lead to financial ruin for the United States.  The Biden administration will need to solve this yet IF THEY DON'T GET IT RIGHT and we know, politically, they may not IF WE (all of us) don't tell them how to fix this.
GIVE SOMETHING.  Send prayers, contribute your story, send whatever you can.  This is a fight we must win to end America's indentured servitude.  It will remain hiding in plain sight until we tell this story.  Thank you. 
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